Friday, 1 August 2014

Brave New World

Jamie Nelson shoots Dutch delight Zanna van Vorstenbosch in this modern and metallic-inspired editorial. I love how Jamie accentuates each aspect of his photo by contrasting boldness with minimalism. In the first photo, Zanna boasts chunky eyelashes alongside soft eyebrows and neutral lips. The attention is clearly on the eyes in this shot while a jeweled faux septum ring and geometrically inspired triangle manicure finish off this metropolitan, hipster look. Jamie also demonstrates theatrical inspired pink hues and electrifying, deep blues to intensify the alternative element, and against the backdrop of Zanna's soft, porcelain skin, the contrast is immaculate.

Thursday, 17 July 2014


This year, we have introduced a whole new movement into the fashion industry 
which goes by the name of “normcore”. The name itself is an oxymoron, mixing 
two opposing ideas, “normal” and hardcore”, into one concept. The way I would 
describe it is a moderately androgynous anti-style that is completely muted 
and nondescript. It has emerged as a kind of personal protest against the need to 
constantly stand out and express oneself through their clothing.

The term was coined by K-Hole, a trend forecasting group, to describe this hyper-normalised look.
K-Hole are using “normcore” as a way to fight against self-differentiation and to find
 “liberation in nothing special”.The anonymity and “self-identification” involved with this
 movement is essentially a way to subvert the mainstream narrative
 of eccentric fashion and embrace the blandness of insipid items such as
 over sized t-shirts and baggy jeans.

It is true that fashion for so long has tried to recycle, re-invent and borrow looks from all eras and
 subcultures from punk rock to indie. I myself have always been an advocate for simplistic clothing
 as it seems that those who make an active effort to stand out and differentiate themselves indeed
 merge into the masses who are trying to follow that same philosophy. In doing so, their efforts 
ultimately become void.

However, one could assume this whole movement is a bit of a paradox in itself as “normcore” is 
already being recognised as another modern fashion trend. It would seem though that
 clothes are clothes are clothes. There are only so many looks and styles that can be invented.
Most fashion trends have been stolen only to be discarded and then recycled a few years 
down the line. I would much rather support a style that emphasises individual personality 
and authority, rather than let the clothes do the talking.

 In style lies a timeless vigour
 that the fleeting nature of fashion simply cannot compete with and therein lies 
the strength in “normcore” against the rest of the fashion world.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

RV by Michael Barr

This is one of Michael Barr's latest stories to appear on Ben Trovato. As the photographer explains in one sentence, he enjoys the idea of a "nomadic existence in such a large metropolitan city". I think this encapsulates the theme of the story pretty well and while the model waits for her ride the scenery seems especially still. Yet the loneliness and quietness of that moment almost translates into a kind of peace and freedom away from the bustling metropolitan network she is used to. It is that simple momentary emancipation that Michael has captured so well in these shots.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Russian Photographer: Marat Safin

I absolutely adore the simplicity of these shots by Russian Photographer Marat Safin. He has a way of not only making the normal seem surreal but also normalising what would seem like an unusual concept to most. One photo depicts a lady in a simple dress standing on a train. It would seem like a normal photo until you realise she is not wearing any shoes and the fact that no one has noticed creates an almost surreal atmosphere. I also found the shot of the young children smoking especially profound and sinister. Another favourite depicts a lady in a bath who seems fully clothed. The disheveled hair and neglected cigarette serve to capture a simple moment of loneliness, distress and exhaustion. No doubt in every shot Marat has demonstrated beautifully the essence of loneliness and vulnerability that is universal to the human psyche. 

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Earth Child

This is an empowering editorial by Jeskaa Designs which portrays the beauty of Earth and one's relationship with the planet through styles and shades of warm dusk and autumn. I love the choice of make up here as there is a contrast between the deep purple lips, bold eyebrows and lightly bronzed porcelain skin. This editorial also mixes up a range of different textures as well as designs inspired from different parts of the world, especially Africa. My favourite piece here is the tribal-style fringe kimono and you can see the model clearly takes ownership of the shot here against the backdrop of a vast, deserted land in the autumn heat, fully embracing the role of Earth goddess. 

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Elena Bartels // Vogue // Russia

This editorial for Vogue Russia's October 2013 edition conveys an abstract beauty story shot by Julia Noni. There is something sinister yet beautiful in these shots which seem to reverse the conventions of contemporary fashion and contort the traditional image of aesthetics. In doing so, Noni creates a disturbing but unforgettable editorial by transcending the limits of beauty, and in blurring this line, we are once again reminded how fashion and art are indeed one of a kind.

Monday, 30 September 2013

Kwak Ji Young // Elle Vietnam // Beauty

I simply adore this beauty editorial for Elle Vietnam. The first thing I loved about the initial shot was the contrast between Young's immaculate, ivory skin and the deep, smokey eye makeup.Young's porcelain skin also shines against the black background for extra dramatic effect. I really love how the third and fourth photo showcase matte and glossy lips with minimal makeup elsewhere to create a simple yet classy look. Young looks like an absolute temptress in the last shot where her flawless look includes deep purple lips, glossy eyes and voluminous mascara. 

Friday, 2 August 2013

‘Black Power’ // Daniela Braga By Yossi Michaeli // Harper’s Bazaar Brazil // August 2013

Yossi Michaeli shoots the sleek and sensuous Brazilian beauty Daniela Braga in this timeless editorial. The power of black is demonstrated through the daring designs of the swimsuits and the exotic, dark beauty of the model herself, which has been accentuated perfectly by the slick, shiny locks and smokey eye makeup. The combination of dark fashion, hair and beauty shows exactly why the power of black always triumphs.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Emily DiDonato by Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Spain July 2013

American beauty Emily DiDonato stuns in Vogue Spain's July 2013 issue, showcasing classic neutrals and elegant textures. Dressed in Just Cavalli, Georgia Armani and more, DiDonato portrays sophistication and glamour at its best. The bold, red lipstick against the soft, natural tones only serves to heighten the sex appeal in this timeless look. The gold accessories also add a final touch of class and regality to a truly luxurious and refined editorial.