Thursday, 12 June 2014

Russian Photographer: Marat Safin

I absolutely adore the simplicity of these shots by Russian Photographer Marat Safin. He has a way of not only making the normal seem surreal but also normalising what would seem like an unusual concept to most. One photo depicts a lady in a simple dress standing on a train. It would seem like a normal photo until you realise she is not wearing any shoes and the fact that no one has noticed creates an almost surreal atmosphere. I also found the shot of the young children smoking especially profound and sinister. Another favourite depicts a lady in a bath who seems fully clothed. The disheveled hair and neglected cigarette serve to capture a simple moment of loneliness, distress and exhaustion. No doubt in every shot Marat has demonstrated beautifully the essence of loneliness and vulnerability that is universal to the human psyche. 

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