Thursday, 20 January 2011

127 Hours..

After hearing it got great reviews, I decided to go to the cinema and watch 127 Hours. Surprisingly, a few people in the cinema were complaining about it being over-rated, but I really enjoyed it! Not only because James Franco was the main character, who let's face it, is a fittie, but I felt there was a real sense of energy throughout the whole film. I really enjoyed watching Franco play this character as I think that extroverted quality came across exceptionally well. Also, one part reminded me of one of my favourite movies Requiem for a Dream where the idea of a game show is used to make a situation seem surreal. When Franco's character starts becoming delusional, we see some sort of game show being played in his head where people are laughing and clapping, which made the whole situation even more strange as it was one of those juxtaposition effects. So yeah, I felt this film was definitely worth seeing and despite what some people have said, it deserved the great reviews :)


  1. Yeah, I just saw this a few days ago and I thought the same thing. I liked it. I thought it was so sad. I felt like James Franco did such an amazing job, I mean, to carry a whole movie all my yourself. Wow! Crazy that it was a true story, huh.

  2. I know! It's a miracle how he kept himself sane at all because I know I couldn't have