Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Beautiful Hair...

For years the trend has been to straighten your hair and frankly I'm bored of it! Although I don't see anything wrong with straight hair as I straighten mine quite frequently, I do think that people should embrace their natural hair and maybe try out other looks. My hair is naturally brown and wavy and when I leave it like this people actually tell me it looks better! 

There are so many different styles out there to suit everyone's individual look whether it be straight, short, curly or long. Although I love the natural wavy look I also think edgier straight hair can look amazing too on the right person and there's no better place to look for hair inspiration than in the modelling industry! Every look has been done in this industry and more people should explore the diversity of these styles  to avoid sticking to straightened hair everyday...


  1. Yup i agree, I'm all about curly ;)


  2. yesss ;) I don't know what we were thinking as teenagers haha