Friday, 11 March 2011

Bronze Skin..&..Cinnamon Tans ♥

I am so bored of this dull weather already and can't wait to chuck the layers out this year! I know it's only Spring but I couldn't help browsing and admiring some of the 2011 fashion Beachwear and Swimwear :D

Although I've always worn bikinis I really want to try a one piece this summer! These are two that caught my eye from Sonia Vera's collection and I just love them, especially the white one because that way my tan will show up more ^ ^ They kind of remind me of the whole sailor fashion trend because of the buttons and I love the stylish cut!

These also caught my attention because of the neutral colours (that always accentuate a lovely tan) and their unique details. I've always loved one pieces that curve in at the sides and I think the picture on the left is the perfect one! Literally to die for 

I absolutely LOVE these images, they're so pretty and peaceful and the gorgeous, gold designs give these kaftans a beautiful, bohemian touch. These are from Zeugari's 2011 Beachwear and I think these sort of cover-ups are perfect if you prefer to show less skin on the beach or in case it gets a tiny bit breezy!


  1. Gosh darn it. I want it to be summer NOW! I love the cover ups, and the sailor like swim suits.

  2. so beautiful photos!!!
    i cant wait for summer to come!!!!!
    love your blog it's great!!!
    thank you for following me :DDD


  3. I long to be tanned too. Great one pieces. xoxo

  4. @caramellitsa thanks for stopping by! Your welcome :)xo

  5. Oh goshhhhhhhh!!! Serious beachwear lust. We want it to be summer already too...We can't wait to get tans!! ;)
    We're now following you- please follow us back! :)

    T & J


  6. Thanks guys I'll be following you too! xo

  7. Great pictures. This summer there are lots of cute pieces to choose from.
    I want to get into my short rompers again ...

  8. Is summer here already?? come these images. thx for sharing

  9. haha definitely not in England! But I couldn't help posting these images lol

  10. The last three pictures are absolutely

  11. I agree, last three are amazinnnnng :)

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  13. OMG so gorgeous!! I LOVE the blue-ish one on the last row! This post makes me wanna go to the beach!


  14. I am in love with the beachwear, can't wait for the summertime :)

    xoxo doll

  15. i would wear that silver coverup as an outfit, it's so pretty!

  16. same! They are way too pretty xo

  17. wow i really fell in love with the green one.
    where an i buy it?

    xoxo mäggi and noelle

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