Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Calling All Pooch Lovers! ♥

For those who do not know, I am a  huge dog lover! I love all dogs, from cute, squishy Pugs to loving and loyal Pitbulls. Of course I have a few favourite breeds and these are the Staffordshire and English Bull Terrier and the Pit bull! Now some people are quick to judge these dogs as aggressive and violent but the Staffy wasn't nicknamed the "nanny dog" for no reason - they have always had a reputation for being the best dogs to socialise with children! 

This reputation changed dramatically when cruel owners began using these dogs as a weapon, or "war dog" as they call them in London, to create fear and intimidation among the community. I see it all the time where I live and it breaks my heart when I hear stories such as Staffy pups being forced to smoke drugs, drink alcohol and take steroids in order to make them look unusually muscular and provoke aggression. I really want people reading this to understand that these dogs are not the ones to blame but the people who turn these dogs into nervous and insecure wrecks which in turn can cause them to lash out. 

So anyways, I was browsing the web for photos of dogs and I came across a site called Poochography, that's right, photography for dogs! The photos are all taken by photographer Ian Jeffery and I love how these photos capture the innocence and playfulness of these beautiful animals. Take a look! 

Does anyone else not feel the urge to squeeze these lovely faces!??

And my favourite photo of all..

Just look at those angelic eyes!

This post is in loving memory of Kano, the 11 months old Staffy pup who was put down by the police earlier this year because of his association with an aggressive gang, a cold-blooded gang who forced him to drink alcohol and take steroids. He never even saw a patch of grass :( I already miss seeing his cute little face around but am glad he is in a better place now...


  1. Hey Serai! Awesome, thanks so much for the shout, dogs rocks, my bull terriers are snoring away at the moment! Love your blog as well :)

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  3. too flippin' cute!!!!


  4. Ahhhh all those dogs are so cute! xoxo

  5. oooohmy gosh!!! super cute dogs!!
    i love them!! amazing pics! congrats!!
    hope you'll follow me so i'll do the same!
    Sweet italian kisses


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  7. Where are the pugs at?! :P



  8. ahaha there were no pug pictures sadly :( but they did get a mention :D xo

  9. those dogs are soooo cute <3 love your blog header ;)


  10. Stories like the one about Kano are so sad. I do love the photos though!

  11. cute dogs! :)

    and nice blog;)

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  14. yess they are the best! :)