Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Patterned or Plain?


I love all these patterned tights and I think they're great for making your legs stand out, especially the Emilio Cavalini white hearts stocking, those legs just go on forever! However, I have to say I am not really a fan of coloured tights. I can tolerate maybe red tights with a black and white outfit but they just aren't my style. Also, I think I would have to be careful about wearing patterned/coloured tights with an outfit that had busy designs as well, as that just means way too much is going on! Ultimately, plain black tights win for me! :D They just go with everything and I'd prefer my outfit to stand out rather than my actual tights... something like this:

I love this picture so much. The blonde, edgy hair compliments the red and black perfectly.
I would probably never be seen wearing this last outfit but I do think it's pretty lol


  1. I want this LV tights!!!

    Shall we follow each other? Let me know =)


  2. thanks a lot : )
    i also like your blog?

    why didn't you buy this blazer?
    i can really recommand to buy it, because i really really love it and want to wear it all the time. haha :D

    xoxo mäggi.

  3. haha ok, i can understand that :D
    it my second. but together with my sister and my mum we have more than 10 blazers :D!
    but i love them so much, because they let you look good with every basic jeans and simlpe t-shirt : )

    xoxo. mäggi

    want to follow each other? i've done the first part! : )

  4. thanx for yours comments on my blog! your blog is very nice and very nice pics in this post. I follow you...follow me back please! kisses

  5. Awesome post, I love all the patterned tights. xoxo

  6. Love it ! And it reminds me that I must bought one seeing that the weather is nicer now :) !
    See you xx

  7. i only wear tights xD like that post :)

  8. hihi smoothie is the best right? hehe.. lovely pictures !


  9. geez! I love it! If i could only wear horsiery I would absolutely pulled it off! LOL...love lots from The Shades and Scarf..x0x0

  10. Hahah I'm sure you still could ;) Lol xoxo

  11. all the tights are soo cute :DD

    i love buying the ones with unusual colours and prints ..

    it's great for mix and match looks ;D


  12. I agree! I'm just not brave enough to go out in bright colours or unusual prints lol xoxo

  13. thanks so much for following my blog!

    awesome post! I'm obsessed with patterned tights!!

  14. I love these tights. Your blog is gorgeous! I love to see what's new in fashion. I'm following you from Sicily.

  15. All beautiful, although I am a sucker for tights with hearts!
    xo Cara

  16. I am in love with the first pix!!!

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