Saturday, 5 March 2011

Thriller Live ♥

This is a bit late but the other day my boyfriend surprised me with tickets to go see 'Thriller Live' in Leicester Square :D  I cannot express the excitement I felt because I have been wanting to go see this for SO long! I love everything about the King of Pop, from his huge heart and influential style to his unique, signature dance moves...I was so lucky to be 2 rows from the front and even though the foot space was quite small I perservered because it was completely worth it and the dancers were great!

Some Michael Jackson-esque outfits with a few inspired by and dedicated to Mr Jackson:

Without getting too sentimental I honestly believe Michael Jackson was the greatest humanitarian and that his love for children and the world was completely innocent and truthful (compared to say, some celebrities who feel obliged to raise a few dollars for charity every now and again). The warm messages in his lyrics and poems reflect the goodness in his heart and I believe those messages will continue to inspire not only myself, but thousands of people from around the world for years to come...


  1. AaAH so lucky! :)

  2. LOVE the MJ look!! :)


  3. I adore these looks specially Agyness Deyn's.
    She is so done for this type of look.
    Your pictures are really great.
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  4. MJ is the bomb!!!! x

  5. Dear Sarai,

    Thank you for dropping by my page and leaving a nice comment. You have a lovely blog yourself.

    These are a good selection of beautiful jackets.

    Squeeze The Pug

  6. Wow sounds amazing. I love all the MJ inspired fashion, following you :-) xoxo

  7. i love these :D great blog<3


  8. Lovely blog post

  9. Hi Sarai! Thank you for your kind comment!

    I love the Michael-inspired outfits. I agree with you about his philanthropy--I really admire the fact that he was such a humanitarian without looking for a wow from the public or a pat on the back.

    Take care!

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  11. MJ was definitely an inspiration to so many people in so many ways, and I love that his look is making a comeback :) I love that girls or guys can pull it off, and these celebs look amazing in it too! Great post!

    VPV Intern

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  14. Thanks for your comment:)
    you are so lucky! I love MJ too:)

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    I really love the last three photos, did you took them yourself?
    Love, Donna.

  19. Hey, I didn't take them but you can find out who did if you click on the pics :) xo