Friday, 15 July 2011

London to Ibiza... ♥

I got back from Ibiza not too long ago and I have to say it was one of the best holidays ever! I went with my boyfriend so unfortunately did not go over the top with the whole clubbing thing but I did have an amazing time relaxing with a cocktail while watching the famous sunset on the beach, it was actually heavenly! I had a few nights out at the main strip or the West End as it's called and had a great time there too. I honestly felt at home while I was there so really did not want to come back to soggy England =[ I would definitely love to go back in the future as it really is such a beautiful and serene island that caters for both the wild party animals and those looking for a relaxing, sunny holiday. So have any of you guys been to Ibiza? Or do any of you plan to? I really do recommend it so here are some pictures to tantalise you all with :D 


  1. OMG what a beautiful place!! Nice pictures doll.


  2. Really nice pictures indeed!

    I was at Ibiza this summer with 2 female friends as a nice finisher for our Inter-rail trip across Europe. And what i beautiful island it is! Just have to love the atmosphere there... So relaxed if you want that, and high energy with lots of clubbing if you want that.

    I also highly recommend to rent a car/bike and drive around the island because there are many really nice beaches (and less populated) then the beaches in San Antonio.

    Definitely going back there another time =)