Sunday, 11 September 2011

In Memory of the 9/11 Victims:

Just a quick post to remember those people's lives that were tragically taken away on this day 10 years ago. None of us can even begin to imagine the fear and terror those poor people felt on that day - I'm sure we've all seen the heartbreaking programmes on phone calls from the towers etc and their experiences are ones that can never be forgotten. My heart aches for the people who died and for the family and friends they left behind. I do believe evil exists in this world and what happened on that day was a pure act of evil hatred. We must stand against religious extremism of all kinds to stop something like this ever happening again because innocent people are always targeted when it comes to these acts. This is a topic very close to my heart - coming from Israel I know a thing or two about terrorist attacks and have even had family's and friends affected by them. I just hope one day people of all religions and all culture can learn to accept one another as we are - sadly I think this will remain more of a dream than a reality :( 


  1. Heart wrenching post! God bless all those poor, innocent people Xxx

  2. a very emotional day for everyone!!!kisses