Monday, 2 January 2012

The Leather Bag: Hermes

The Hermes bag is a classic, timeless bag that suits many occasions from day time to a sophisticated night out. Now I'm not an advocate for leather or exotic skins and I am completely against the consumerism cycle and the cruelty involved. So, if I were ever to buy one of these bags it would be second-hand as buying a product second-hand does not actually support the cycle of supply and demand. Leather as a product brings up all sorts of ethical and environmental issues but I see no point in discarding these bags and not using them for all they've got. In fact, I would see it as an insult to the animals if I were to just waste something that contained an animal product. I cannot say the same about fur as I believe fur can have much more of an influential and negative effect, whereas leather is so common I would not really be influencing anyone by wearing a second-hand leather bag. I made this post before I was fully aware of the inhumane and environmentally damaging effects leather can have on animals and our planet, however I have decided to keep it as a topic of possible discussion :)


  1. Ooh they are lush :) I'd probs go for classic black or white!


  2. oh dear..this is my dream bag..i ll never be able to afford it but it is sooooooo amazing...
    happy 2012 my best wishes :DDD

    kisses Sarai!!!

  3. These bags are absolutely fabulous!!! I would choose either the black or the grey. I would never wear any other bag if I was able to obtain a Hermes', LOL. Happy New Year hunni!

  4. OMG i want a hermes birkin so bad :(:(
    but not fun for a poor student! hehehe

  5. Cute post! Beautiful! I love Hermes too!

    Happy New Year!

    Linda from

  6. Thanks for your comment honey! Am following you now! These bags are so super goregous!!!

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  8. thanks for your comment!
    looooovely bags! <3

  9. happy new year! thanks for your comment! you have very beautiful pictures on your blog!

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