Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Alexa Chung for Superga: Too Thin??

So here's Alexa for Superga's SS12 Campaign and of course I love the photos or they wouldn't be on my blog. Alexa really pulls off the casual look and the relaxed, spring vibe is definitely in the air. But I can't help but think she is too thin. I know she's always been rather slim but I never thought she was this tiny and for some reason the definition on her legs does not look healthy, especially in the last photo. I've never really followed her as a celeb or fashion icon so maybe I am wrong in my judgement! So I wanted to ask what your views are, has she always been this skinny? And if so, do you think its her natural size? 


  1. Tbh I do think she has always been this thin, it seems to be her natural shape. But then again you never know do you? Great pics though ♥


  2. Yeah maybe, like I said I haven't kept up with her time in the spot light but have heard all sorts of weight loss worries on the news. Then again the news says a lot of things lol

  3. This campaign does put me in the mood for Spring. I don't know if she's always been so skinny....but it looks a little unhealthy.

  4. She's thin but for some reason it suits her well. I hope this is her natural healthy weight. Great post!


  5. She has not always been this thin.. in comparison to pictures from a few years ago and when she started about-she looks normal and healthy. Where as here she is terribly thin and does not look well. And the reason people question whether this is her normal size.. is due to the fact the fashion and modelling industry keep things such as eating disorders closeted. So we just presume that these stick thin girls are naturally this way. Which to me is very sad.