Monday, 27 February 2012

Eva Mendes for Marie Claire US

Eva Mendes looks sassy and sexy as always on the cover of Marie Claire US March 2012. I love this lady! She exudes such a fun femininity. Eva has also stood up against the fur industry after realising how animals including rabbits, racoons, crocodiles, pythons (and even dogs) were heartlessly skinned alive for their fur and skin. I think it's a shame more celebs don't follow Eva's example because after all, they stand as role models, and in this day and age no one should condone how animals are needlessly tortured for fashion. I just hope Eva sticks to her guns and that more celebs realise that wearing fur is really not at all ethical. It only takes one video on fur farm realities to realise this so if any one is unaware of the truth go have a look and I promise you will never look at fur the same. Enjoy the pictures and I hope most of you will agree that faux fur is the future :)


  1. perfect!!!

  2. Oh wow these images are absolutely gorgeous! Love how she embraces her sex appeal.

  3. Love all the sparkling dresses she's wearing!
    Nice post =)
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  4. She is a gorgeous woman,but i think they used too much photoshop for the cover,she doesn't look like her anymore.The rest of the photos are perfect! XX

  5. First of all, I just love the vintage theme of Ms. Mendes' photo shoot. It's like a Guess ad, only more chic and elegant. ;) And yes I do agree with you that faux is the future! Killing animals for "fashion" is such bad taste, if I may say.
    The jeweled dress she wore on the cover is adorable, too! We've got a dress that matches it: ;) Thanks and keep up the fantastic blog! ;)